Tip ignition (CD) procedure

Easy handling and high quality at thin sheeting applications,

these are the advantages of the tip ignition procedure

  1. advatages of the procedure:

- inexpensive welding studs
- 230V AC Schuko connection
- easy handling
- inexpensive studwelder and equipment
- can be easily automated
- no or, depending on the application, only mirroring-visible markings, by the welding procedure, on the opposite side
- painted backsides possible


  1. Typical applications are :

Control cabinets, vehicle construction, facade technology, cathodic corrosion protection, insulation on metal


  1.  Types of procedure:

The tip ignition process is divided into the contact process and the gap process. In the following, you will find the two procedures explained in more detail, as well as application strengths and technical details.



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CD procedure tabel

In basic terms, the following applies to stud welding: The connection must not fail in the joining zone!
During the extremely short welding time, the entire surface of the weld stud and the workpiece must be melted.
This results in process limits, if they are exceeded, reductions in strength must be observed. In the following table you will find dimensions with which process-safe connections according to DVS can be achieved. Other dimensions can be welded well and safely in some cases, but should be checked by tests on the actual welding task. A procedure qualification according to DIN EN ISO 14555 can usually only be passed with considerable effort.

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the values of the tabel  are based on tabel1 from DVS 0903:2018